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What Does The Exterior Mobile Detail Include

- Wash vehicle with newest products & techniques 

- Add wax that will cover light scratches for a couple weeks that gives it shine

- Touches blow dry 95% of vehicle 

- Streak free windows 

- Rims & Tires left like new

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does This Take?
Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does This Take?

This procedure can last from 3hrs to 6hrs.

The Exterior Mobile Detail Takes From 1hr to 2hrs.

How Much is This Package?

The price is based on size of vehicle xxx$-xxx$.

How Much Does This Cost?
What Is a Paint Correction 
What Is The Ceramic Coat

The Ceramic Coat is a layer of protection that lasts from 3-5 years

The Paint Correction Is the Continuation of the Full Exterior Detail but except instead of covering the scratches with wax we take off majority of the scratches & still add wax after for protection or add a Ceramic Coat that is the strongest protection lasting from 3-5 years

Frequently Asked Questions 
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